Unfair Competition Attorney

Any sector of commerce can be competitive, even cutthroat. But there are rules of engagement and there are legal remedies when business competitors cross that line. Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth in Greensboro has experience with lawsuits for unfair competition. We provide both plaintiff and defense representation in these complex and contentious business-to-business disputes. Our trial lawyers handle business litigation in Guilford County, and across North Carolina.

Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth has been engaged by a broad spectrum of clients, from small businesses and professional practices to midsize and large companies. We provide the same commitment and menu of services regardless of the size of the firm or the complexity of the case.
Our attorneys represent either side in litigation alleging unfair competition:

• Tortious interference with a contractual relationship
• Tortious interference with a business prospect
• Breach of a noncompete agreement
• Breach of a nonsolicitation agreement
• Theft of trade secrets or trademark infringement
• False advertising and deceptive trade practices
• Business defamation

Unfair competition may involve a larger rival or new competitor flexing its muscle. In many cases, the disputes involve former employees or former business partners vying for clients, territory or key employees in reputed violation of a restrictive covenant.

Whether we are called in at the start of trouble or after litigation has commenced, we swiftly analyze the situation so that we can put clients in the strongest position to resolve the dispute or go to trial. Call a Greensboro attorney at our law firm today at (336) 379-0539 or contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation. When it comes to finding the best attorney in Greensboro for your case, look no further than Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson.