Permanent Injury Lawyer

Many people who suffer injuries due to the fault of someone else will recover eventually and return to their normal and customary health and way of life. However, some injured people will sustain Permanent Injuries and never return to their previous state of health. North Carolina law allows injured individuals to recover damages for permanent injuries from the person or entity who caused their injuries.

How Might I Be Compensated If My Injuries Are Permanent?

Permanent Injuries can come in a variety of fashions. A common form of permanent injury is scarring. If your skin is damaged by blunt force, serious burns, a laceration or gash, or otherwise, it is possible that scarring will remain visible even after the injuries have healed. In the cases of a gash, laceration, or serious burns, the scarring can often be large and obvious. If your face or another visible area of your body was injured and a scar remains, you are entitled to recover damages for not only the alteration of your appearance, but also embarrassment and mental suffering that results from the obvious, visible scarring.

The law also allows recovery for disfigurement. Disfigurement is similar to scarring, in that your appearance has been altered. Sometimes this occurs when there are significant fractures that are displaced and heal. For example, if your nose is seriously broken in a car accident, and it heals such that it is collapsed or cooked, you can pursue damages for disfigurement.

A final way that one can suffer Permanent Injuries due to someone else’s negligence involves a total or partial loss of use of a body part. This can occur if you no longer have the use of an arm or leg due to your injuries. The most common way these damages are presented is in the form of a permanent partial impairment rating from the doctor. If your injuries are permanent, the doctor will often assign you a disability or impairment rating upon completion of your care. This rating is in the form of a percentage and is used to show the amount of disability or impairment to the particular body part. Our Greensboro Permanent Injury attorneys have vast experience with understanding and presenting permanent injuries to insurance companies and juries to obtain you the most compensation possible.

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