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Greensboro attorney is advised that some Truck Drivers don’t feel welcome

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Without truck drivers, there’s no telling where we’d be. Truck drivers are the people we depend on to move all sorts of equipment, food, medical supplies, you name it.

Our Greensboro attorney has been advised that a lot of truck stops are limiting the number of trucks who can park and come in. Signs are now on doors at truck stops that say no bathrooms, no coffee or water.

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A couple of local families are doing what they can to assist the truck drivers. One family is preparing meals for the truck drivers.

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The drivers are brining essentials for all of us, but we’re not allowing them to get what they need to sustain themselves for the long trips on the road. Our attorneys in Greensboro NC send their thoughts and prayers out to all of our North Carolina truck drivers. It’s not easy to get your CDL’s, and then it’s a tough job.

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We’re here for you!