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Assault on a Female in Greensboro

  1. What do I do if I’ve been charged with Assault on a Female in Greensboro, NC?
    1. Our recommendation is to call our Assault on a Female Lawyer in Greensboro as soon as possible. An attorney in Greensboro can you help navigate the difficult waters of a domestic violence charge and our top rated assault lawyers will be able to provide the advice you need to help you with your case.
  2. What is a Domestic Hold in an Assault on a Female Case?
    1. A domestic hold is intended to be cool down period in North Carolina, to allow for the tension to dissipate with the hope of preventing future anger or violence issues. The only dilemma is that a lot of times when law enforcement is called to the scene one spouse leaves the situation, police take out the warrant without them being present and then that spouse is stuck in a spot not knowing what the next step to take is.
    2. A domestic hold is typically a 24 – 48 hour period until a first appearance. If you’ve been charged with any type of domestic violence related charge in Greensboro, NC, the magistrate will give you a domestic hold. This means you cannot bond out until you’ve gone in front of a Guilford County District Court Judge. At that bond hearing a judge will make the determination as to whether to set a bond, and how high that particular bond will be. Our Guilford County Assault on a Female Lawyer focuses on finding ways to get our clients reasonable bonds and even written promises to appear, so they wouldn’t have to pay a bond, after a domestic violence first appearance.
  3. First step is have you been served with the warrant for arrest?
    1. If you’re at the scene and police take out charges, typically, you’ll be arrested right then and there, taken downtown and placed under a domestic violence hold for assault on a female. Our Greensboro assault lawyers see this happen quite frequently, and then we are hired to represent our clients at a first appearance. Sometimes though, the police don’t issue a warrant because they don’t see evidence of domestic violence but they advise the parties involved that they can issue their own warrants if they want to. If this is the case, the moment that the spouse has an assault on a female warrant issued in Guilford County, the Guilford County warrant squad will be sent out to find the person who has been charged and serve them with the warrant. That person, if they’re aware also would have the ability to turn themselves in if they’re aware of the warrant. We recommend consulting with our top rated assault lawyers as soon as you become aware of a domestic violence or assault on a female charge in Greensboro, NC.
  4. After I’ve been arrested and served with assault on a female charges, what happens next?
    1. The next step is actual court. In Guilford County, NC, the District Attorneys’ Office does not dismiss domestic violence charges. A lot of spouses decide to write affidavits, which are notarized statements pertaining to the situation and what happened. Even if the person writes an affidavit stating it didn’t happen, in Greensboro, NC the District Attorneys’ Office will not dismiss the charge. Instead, they’ll require that we set the case for trial and a judge can then decide what happens.
  5. With an Assault on a Female charge, will I need to be in court?
    1. Typically, court cases are continued from month to month as we line up witnesses and other evidence in your case. You will eventually need to come to court but that will probably not be for a number of months after you’ve been charged and served with assault on a female. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer focuses on lining up the details necessary to put your case in the best situation possible. The moment we set your case for trial you will need to be in court, unless our assault lawyer in Greensboro feels it would be better for you to come to court at an earlier point in time. There are times where the District Attorneys’ Office will require your presence in court on various court dates and we will keep you aware of this as well.
  6. What happens if the witness doesn’t show up for my Assault on a Female case?
    1. The first question would be were they subpoenaed to be in court? Witnesses or Victims in cases do not need to be present unless they’re subpoenaed to be in court. We hear the comment a lot where the victim doesn’t show up for a court date or a first appearance so that means they aren’t coming. It may be true, but it’s important not to look too into it as they don’t have to be in court nor are they typically notified unless it’s set for trial. Our Greensboro criminal defense lawyers try our best to make clients aware of this so that way they don’t assume too much when it comes to a prospective witness or victim not showing for a court date.
  7. If I’m convicted of assault on a female or I enter a plea of guilty am I looking at jail time?
    1. Assault on a female is a Class A1 Misdemeanor, which is the highest level misdemeanor in North Carolina. The North Carolina sentencing chart functions on the basis of prior convictions which determines your record level for misdemeanor sentencing purposes. If you are a first offender, with no prior convictions, then you would be facing up to 60 days in jail if convicted of assault on a female in North Carolina. If you’re a level 2 for misdemeanor sentencing purposes, which means you have between 1 prior conviction up to 4 prior convictions, you’re facing up to 75 days in jail. If you’re a level 3 for misdemeanor sentencing purposes, which means you have 5+ prior conviction dates, you can receive up to 150 days in jail. These are alarming numbers, but it is important to note that with any misdemeanor conviction you can also receive probation.
  8. I’m guilty of Assault on a Female, and I confessed to the police, what do you think they’ll do to me?
    1. It all depends on a number of factors connected to your case. The opinion of the victim, the number of previous assaults, is the victim coming to court, etc. Our top rated assault lawyers work very hard to find a way to protect you and your freedom when you’re facing the prospect of jail time. One of the recommendations we can make is that you be able to complete the Domestic Violence Intervention Program in lieu of any jail time. Known as DVIP for short, it’s a set of classes that allows for you to learn about domestic violence and something the Guilford County court system holds in a high regard for helping to prevent future domestic assaults. In Guilford County the judge has the final say on what happens to you and with your case. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced assault lawyer on your side to be able to push your case in direction you’d want to go.
  9. If I receive probation for an assault on a female, how long will it be?
    1. Typically, if you receive probation, it will be for a length of time necessary to complete the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, which is about a year. Some judges will give 12 months probation, others will give 18 months of supervised probation. But every case is different, nothing on this page is guaranteed, and that’s why it’s advisable to speak with a top rated assault attorney today.