Greensboro Businesses now considered Essential after Appeal

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After appealing the stay at home order a number of Greensboro businesses have been allowed to reopen. Businesses that had appealed their  non-essential designation have been delighted to find that they can resume their businesses according to our Greensboro attorney.

Greensboro Attorney

Our of 80 Greensboro businesses that appealed the decision, 63 business owners have been allowed to resume their business with stipulations or changes to the way they conduct their business according to our lawyer.

Greensboro Lawyer

Fortunately, for our Greensboro law firm, we are considered essential. But our thoughts go to our friends and business owners who currently are unable to operate because of provisions of the stay at home order. We’ll see if the Governor continues the stay at home order or modifies it by the end of this month. Currently, the stay at home order for North Carolina is set to expire on May 1, 2020. Our attorney continues to monitor updates on local Guilford County businesses and the effect the stay at home order has had.