Federal Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Cases in Federal Court involve serious penalties involving a separate set of rules, procedures, and guidelines for sentencing than what you will find in State Court. If you are facing Federal Criminal charges or being investigated for a Federal Crime, do not wait to contact our lawyers because it’s vital that we begin assisting you with your case at the earliest stage possible. Our Federal Criminal Lawyers are well versed in Federal Criminal Procedure, how the Federal Government investigates Federal Cases, and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. We are ready to do anything and everything we can to fight for you. Federal Criminal Charges include:

Our Federal Criminal Lawyers handle cases throughout North Carolina in the:

  • Eastern District of North Carolina
  • Middle District of North Carolina
  • Western District of North Carolina
Federal Prosecutors (US Attorneys – AUSA’s) seldom file charges unless they feel a strong case is present. Due to the nature and severity of Federal Charges, it is critical for anyone facing Federal Charges to have an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer on their side that has a solid foundation and knowledge of the Federal System. Our Federal Criminal Lawyers are here for you and your family now and always. Contact our attorney in Greensboro today.