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The Greatest Homecoming on Earth Returns!

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COVID-19 caused a lot of change to our world both nationally and locally. Last year the Greatest Homecoming on Earth, GHOE was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year, our attorney in Greensboro is happy to report that the show is back on!

GHOE will take place Oct. 24 – 31, 2021 with the homecoming football game scheduled for Oct 30. GHOE is an incredible event for Aggie Alumni, Students and our entire Greensboro community. Our attorneys in Greensboro recommend coming to see all that GHOE has to offer. It’s called the Greatest Homecoming on Earth because the event brings people together…and trust and believe, our world needs more of that. There will be safety protocols in place, because though vaccinations have helped slow the virus, it’s still out there and the Delta variant is in full effect.

Our top rated attorney in Greensboro is excited for the festivities and everything that comes with GHOE. Have a great week Greensboro!