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What Does “No Bond” Mean? | We’re Here to Get You Out of Jail

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What does “No Bond” Mean?

When it comes to dealing with being locked up and having No Bond, you’ve come to the right place. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers have dealt with every type of No Bond situation in North Carolina and we’re here to guide you as to why you have no bond, and the best way to remove the hold from you so you can get out of jail and back to your life.

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No Bond Meaning?

This means no matter how much money you have, you cannot get out of jail until a judge removes the hold or the order for no bond set by the magistrate.

Why do I have No Bond?

In North Carolina there are a number of reasons a magistrate could give you No Bond. Let’s go over each of them together.

  1. Out on Pretrial Release for Another Charge – beginning October 1, 2023, North Carolina overhauled it’s pretrial release system by putting holds on people who are out of custody on charges and then receive new charges. Now the new rule is, that if you’re out of custody on charges a magistrate must place you under a hold or place you under no bond, until you go in front of a judge. Our No Bond Lawyers are seeing an influx of these situations and we utilize your first appearance as a way to get a reasonable bond set and allow for you to get out of custody.
    1. To learn more about the new no bond law, click here: Pre-Trial Integrity Act
  2. Domestic Hold – No Bond – If you are charged with a domestic case, such as assault on a female, simple assault, assault by strangulation, then a magistrate will place you under a domestic hold and give you no bond. This hold could last up to 48 hours and this is why it’s vital to speak with our first appearance lawyers to work to get this hold removed.
    1. To learn more about Domestic Holds we recommend you visit our page dedicated to Domestic Holds: Domestic Hold
  3. Firearm Hold – No Bond – A firearm hold is placed on you when you’re out on pre-trial release for an A1 Misdemeanor or higher crime involving a gun and then receive a new gun charge. Or if you’ve had a conviction of a criminal charge involving a gun in the past 5 years. This can lead to a firearm hold or a judge placing you under no bond.
    1. To learn more about firearm holds we recommend you visit our page focused on them: Firearm Hold
  4. Drug Trafficking Hold – No Bond – if you’re on pre-trial release and you pick up a drug trafficking charge, this too can lead to a hold and no bond being set until you go in front of a District Court or Superior Court Judge. To learn more about drug trafficking charges in Greensboro – click here: Drug Trafficking
  5. Gang Activity – No Bond – gang activity can lead to a hold if a crime is committed for the benefit of a gang, while the person was on pre-trial release for another offense and the person was previously convicted of a crime in NCGS 14-50.16 through NC GS 14-50.20, and not 5 years have elapsed since the date of conviction or their release from prison, whichever is later.
  6. Murder Charges – No Bond – a magistrate must place you under a hold when you’re charged with Murder. In Guilford County, typically, until you’ve had a Rule 24 Hearing to decide whether or not your case is going to capital, a judge will continue to keep you under no bond.
  7. Governor’s Warrant, Interstate Compact, Parole Warrant – in Guilford County NC there is a recommendation from the court system that if you’re dealing with either of these 3 things, that you’re to be placed under no bond.
    1. To see all of the rules connected to pre-trial release policies in Guilford County – click here: Guilford County Bond Recommendations

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What can a Lawyer do to remove the No Bond Order?

Your first appearance is a vital part in criminal process and having a Criminal Lawyer by your side at your first appearance may very well mean the difference between continuing to be held or being released.

Our First Appearance Lawyers understand what the judge needs to know and the best way to structure your case to give you the best possible chance at release and a reasonable bond being set. Being held under no bond is nothing to play around with, and if the judge keeps you under no bond after your first appearance you will have to wait until a bond motion which takes at minimum 2 extra days to be heard and can take weeks depending on the district attorneys office.

We have handled thousands of first appearances through the years arguing on the behalf of clients reasons they should have the hold removed and them be released. We will do everything we can to have to have the No Bond in Greensboro removed.

Why would a judge remove No Bond?”

A District Court Judge at your first appearance will consider several factors when addressing you being placed under no bond:

  1. Why are you being held under no Bond? Domestic, Firearm, Out on Pre-trial release, etc
  2. Criminal Record History – do you have a bad criminal record?
  3. Danger to Society – do you have prior crimes on violence on your record and is this hold for a crime of violence?
  4. Flight Risk – do you have a history of failing to appear or is there a risk that the moment you’re released you won’t return? Do you have local ties to the community?
  5. Employment History – do you have a job and are you a productive working member of society?

If you get the No Bond Removed, what type of Bond will the Judge set?

There are 4 Primary Types of Bonds in Guilford County:

  1. Cash Bond – a cash bond is exactly as it sounds, whoever posts your bond will have to pay the full amount. For instance if a judge sets a $10,000 bond, then you’d have to pay the full $10,000 before being released or you could satisfy the bond by putting up equity in a house, car, etc in full. Now the nice part is if you don’t miss court on a cash bond, once your case is finished you’ll be able to get your money you put up returned to you.
  2. Secured Bond – this is the typical bond set in most criminal cases. With a secured bond, you’re able to get a bondsman who will let you pay a percentage of the bond total and then they put the full amount of the bond up on your behalf. For instance if you have a $10,000 secured bond, if the bondsman charges 15% you’d pay the bondsman 15% of $10,000 which is $1,500. This money, however, will not be returned to you at the close of your case.
  3. Unsecured Bond – this bond happens from time to time and is one where you don’t have to pay anything for release but if you miss court your bond is preset at a certain amount. For instance, if you have a $10,000 unsecured bond, you don’t pay anything up front. But, if you happen to miss court, then you’ll have a $10,000 secured bond, which you can either pay yourself or hire a bail bondsman to help you get out of custody.
  4. Written Promise to Appear – this is the best situation where you’re released without having to pay anything and there’s not a pre-set bond hanging over your head if you were to miss court.

no bond, what does no bond mean, no bond greensboro, no bond high point, no bond Guilford County, no bond lawyer, no bond attorney

How does a First Appearance work for a No Bond case?

First appearances in Guilford County are at 2 PM the following business day. If you’re arrested on a Friday or during the weekend you’ll have to wait until the next first appearance date which is typically Monday. Court services will meet with you at the jail in the morning to discuss your family, work, and where you reside .

At first appearances you will be seen on video camera and typically they’ll discuss your charges, your maximum sentence and your conditions of release. This is why it’s vital when you have No Bond in Guilford County that you have one of our top rated criminal lawyers with you because this is your best shot to get a reasonable bond set.

At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, we have handled every type of no bond case that one can think of. When your back is in a corner, don’t hope for the best, call us to help you.

What can your Law Firm do to help me with No Bond?

Our process is pretty straightforward. The moment we’re hired for your first appearance, we schedule a jail visit with you that morning. After speaking with you and going over the nuances of your charges, your criminal history, employment, family, etc, we then create a plan and give you an idea of what we believe will happen at the first appearance.

Our no bond attorneys have seen holds of every sort, and we will argue the reasons why no bond should be removed and why a reasonable bond should be set. Let us shoulder this burden because we’ve helped more people than one can count who’ve been in a similar circumstance to your self. If you have a knee injury and can barely walk, do you fix it yourself or call a doctor? Well the same holds true here, contact our Top Rated Criminal Lawyers in Greensboro NC to help you with your no bond case today.