Uncontested Divorce If you’ve lived continuously separate and apart for one year, and you’re ready for divorce, our family law team can help you move on with your life. Even an uncontested divorce requires a substantial amount of paperwork, filing deadlines, courthouse formalities, and service requirements. It’s advisable to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney who is familiar with the filing process and associated fees and requirements. A mistake in paperwork can delay your divorce. The family law team at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth can anticipate any complications and expedite the process, so you can finalize your divorce and start anew.   Seek the advice of our experienced divorce lawyers who know how to navigate divorce actions to reach successful results for our clients.

Have you been served with divorce papers? You’re now a party to a legal action. You have a limited amount of time in which to answer the Complaint and speak up to protect your interests. The divorce lawyers at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth can help you with the legal content of the paperwork, complicated answering procedure, and crucial deadlines.

A reliable divorce lawyer can help guide you through the initial shock and move forward to the next steps. What may seem simple can easily become complex before the process is complete. During this emotional time, you need to be able to count on someone to listen to your goals and safeguard your assets.

Call our Greensboro Divorce Attorneys at 336-379-0539. With as little as one consultation, our skilled attorneys can help you develop a plan for Divorce in order to divide your property, establish alimony, determine child custody, set up child support, or even govern communications between you and your spouse.