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Stephanie is a zealous advocate and leader when it comes to Criminal Defense. She graduated with honors from Salem College and then received her law degree from Campbell Law School. Stephanie’s sixteen year legal career was initially devoted in the public sector defending the less fortunate through Legal Aid and Public Defender’s Office. Her core is helping those in need, as she served as a Domestic Violence Attorney for Legal where she successfully litigated 50B actions and custody matters. She also taught divorce and custody clinics in Forsyth County and authored litigation materials for pro-se citizens in the court system. Stephanie also worked at the Public Defender’s Office in Forsyth County where she was privileged to represent clients in District and Superior Court on both misdemeanor and felony charges.
Stephanie transitioned to Private Practice in 2015 where she has continued her efforts in representing clients in Domestic and Criminal Courtrooms throughout North Carolina. She is committed to justice and fairness and her incredible advocacy skills and heart for people make her an attorney to be reckoned with. She is an incredible lawyer who will be there for you when you need her most.
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Stephanie Goldsborough