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The Federal Government prosecutes Federal Conspiracy Charges more often than one would think. Conspiracy covers a Broad Range of Criminal Cases in both Federal and State Courts, whereby more than one person works together in secret with the object of a committing a crime. For starters, it’s important to note that you cannot conspire by yourself and you cannot conspire to engage in a non-criminal act. As a Federal Offense, Conspiracy falls under 17 USC 371 and is defined as two or more persons who conspire together to commit any offense against the United States, or to Defraud the United States, or any Agency thereof in any manner for any purpose.

Federal Conspiracy laws are designed to discourage and prevent major crimes which require more than one individual to complete, by adding Conspiracy as an Additional Charge, which leads to further punishment for major criminal activity. For a Conspiracy to exist, you only need one more person involved than the total number of people required to complete the crime. So if one person can do the crime alone, then to be charged with a Federal Conspiracy case, you would need two people to be involved.

The Goal of The Conspiracy Charge

federal conspiracy charges

One key factor in figuring out or approximating the sentence for a Federal Conspiracy charge is to look at the Goal or Object of the Conspiracy. If the goal of the Conspiracy is a Felony then the sentencing will be at a far higher level than it would be for a misdemeanor. [/custom_headline] charges can result in a sentence which is punished with a prison term not to exceed five years as well as a fine. Federal Misdemeanor cases cannot be punished more significantly than the underlying Misdemeanor Offense.

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