Traffic Ticket Attorney Questions

Why should I hire a traffic attorney for a speeding ticket?

Hiring an attorney is a personal choice, one made at a time of great difficulty.  Finding yourself in a position of stress, fear, financial difficulty, and facing a loss of freedom all makes the choice of whether you need an attorney or not even tougher.  Hiring an experienced, aggressive and honest traffic lawyer means you never have to wonder, “what if?”  You will be certain that with us by your side, you will receive the best potential outcome!

Should I just pay off the ticket?

Never!  Paying off a ticket means that you are pleading guilty as charged!  In addition to court costs and fines, many of which may be avoided, you will receive the full impact of insurance increases, license points. civil liability, and a permanent stain on your traffic record.  In addition, many traffic charges have the potential to revoke your license.  A simple consultation with one of our traffic attorneys can protect your license, which shields you from the collateral consequences that may result, such as loss of income, inability to transport your children to school, your parents to doctor appointments, or other unacceptable consequences.

Why can’t I just represent myself?

You certainly can represent yourself!  However, there are often outcomes that an attorney can procure that you may not even know to ask for, or are only available with representation.  Traffic ticket lawyers are well versed in the details of traffic legislation, statutes, and case law.  Even a simple traffic ticket has layers of elements and consequences interlocking with other statutes, all of which we have studied, taught, written about, and deal with every day!

What are the consequences of a traffic conviction?

The immediate impact of a traffic ticket is draconian.  Insurance points, license points, and often the revocation of your license can all result from a simple traffic ticket.  As applied to your life, this can mean financial devastation, loss of your job, career potential, or the ability to care for your loved ones. Traffic tickets can hurt families as much as individuals.

What can a traffic attorney do to help?

We can secure the best possible outcome for your case!  Although there are often good reasons to negotiate, and indeed, our first priority is to protect your best interests, reputation and freedom, ewe believe every charge should be evaluated, researched and prepared as if it is for trial. After all, if the prosecutor or law enforcement officer believes that the attorney representing you is afraid to go to trial, then why would they offer a favorable plea or dismissal?  You have to know if you could, or could not, prevail at trial.

Do I have to go to court if I hire a lawyer?

Traffic attorneys, in addition to often saving you a trip to court, can navigate the court system for you.  We secure continuances when needed, and even arrange generous amounts of times to pay any court costs and fines that may not be available if you represent yourself.

So, I should definitely hire a traffic attorney?

Yes!  We are here to help, first and foremost.  We are in court every single day, and often watch as individuals lose their licenses or could have saved themselves tremendous amounts of money simply by consulting with an attorney, or an attorney with more experienced with traffic matters.  When making a decision, think about these things:

  • You should know that you got the best possible outcome!
  • You should appreciate whether you could or could not prevail at trial.
  • A traffic attorney can navigate the court system, and take that stress off your shoulders.
  • We can appear for you so you do not lose a day of work or use an important vacation day.
  • You should always protect your record for the future!
  • An attorney can anticipate DMV revocations and potentially protect your license.
  • Traffic lawyers know when you can and cannot use a prayer for judgment continued (PJC).
  • CDLs are complex – how can an attorney help protect your employment?
  • License revocations are expensive, what can we do today to save future DMV fees?
  • How do you differentiate between License Points and Insurance Points?
  • How do can the minimum fine, if any fine at all, be obtained?
  • Traffic ticket attorneys know the judges and prosecutors, and can navigate around the dangerous ones!
  • Can you afford for things to go wrong or unexpected if the Judge decides to make an example of your case?
  • Traffic lawyers can often obtain better plea offers for their clients!
  • Many traffic offenses are actually misdemeanor criminal charge. It is important to protect criminal record from misdemeanors – especially because of consequences to immigration, employment, schools, and trade associations memberships.
  • How do you know if the law enforcement officer will even show up?
  • Wait, since some traffic offenses are actually criminal charges, does that mean I could go to jail? Yes, and your freedom, above all else, is the highest prority of an experienced traffic lawyer!