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As your drug lawyer in Greensboro, NC from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law would advise, there are steps to take if you are arrested for drug possession. A conviction such as this can result in expensive fines, jail time, community service, and a tarnished reputation. If you find yourself being placed in handcuffs for a drug related charge, keep the following in mind:

If You Are Arrested for Drug Possession:

Do remain calm and breathe.

Perhaps the best thing you can do initially upon realizing you’re being arrested is to remain as calm as possible. Breathe. Remember that trying to clear your name or reacting with an outburst can only make things worse. Do not resist arrest or put yourself in obstruction of justice. 

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Don’t say anything to be used against you.

You will have to give information like your name, age, etc. But aside from these required details, you should refrain from saying anything else. Silence is your right by law, so if you are asked questions about what happened say you will not comment until a lawyer is present. You are allowed to do this with every question asked, but try to remain respectful and direct in the process. 

Do use your phone call to contact a lawyer.

You will have the option to make a phone call. Many people call their closest loved one and ask for help in getting out. But while explaining the situation to the person you know on the other end, police may be listening in. However, if you call a NC drug lawyer in Greensboro, law enforcement is not permitted to peer in on the phone call. 

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Don’t answer questions or sign anything.

When they say you have the right to remain silent, this includes what you may write down. Thus, you should never write your side of the story on paper for the police or sign any documents they put in front of you. Doing so may be detrimental to the outcome of your drug possession case. 

Do request for bail

You don’t want to have to hang out in a jail cell until your case gets handled, so at the arraignment, you should ask the court to set your bail. This is within the judge’s power to either deny or grant bail. If there is a denial, there won’t be much to do in fighting it, so be sure to have a lawyer at your side to help influence the judge’s decision.

Anyone in need of a reputable drug lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina is advised to reach out to us at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law now for assistance.