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As a truck accident lawyer in Greensboro, NC from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law knows, truck accidents can cause the most serious and life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one was hurt because of being hit by a commercial truck driver, then we suggest contacting us now for guidance. You may need someone to advocate for your wellbeing, especially at a time when it may feel like no one else is, and you’ve been racking up medical bills trying to recover.

Truck accidents tend to be scary in nature because it’s one small vehicle up against a truck that may weigh upwards of 30,000 to 80,000 pounds. The average passenger vehicle weighs a measly 4,000 pounds in comparison. This means that the car driver is significantly more likely to sustain the worst injuries. Factors that often lead to a tragic truck accident are listed as follows:


Operating a commercial truck is a high-pressure job with plenty of stress to manage. However, this doesn’t mean that truckers should risk the safety of others on the road by driving for so long that they fall asleep behind the wheel. Lacking enough rest can cause someone to have a slowed reaction time, worsened judgment, and more likely to exhibit irritation and road rage. 


Truckers and the companies that own them are responsible for performing routine maintenance to ensure the vehicle is safe to run. If they falter from proper inspections or load the truck too heavily, this can cause a devastating accident when in motion. Your NC truck accident lawyer in Greensboro can investigate further into the potential contributing factors of the truck accident, which may uncover useful evidence in your case. 


As you may have noticed, distracted driving is a big problem no matter where you live. In today’s society, our phones and other devices are often right next to us, offering a myriad of ways to distract ourselves. Driving for extended hours and on long, straight highways can get boring. A trucker may have been using their phone to text, call, send an email, or use social media in the moments leading up to the crash.


When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a trucker may be inclined to take more risks like speeding, making unsafe lane changes, or other risky behaviors. In many instances, the substance used acts to keep the driver uawake unnaturally, such as cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines. 


You might need a truck accident lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina because as mentioned earlier, an 18-wheeler truck can weigh 20 times as much as your car. That could mean that your chances of getting seriously injured in an accident with a truck can be much greater than your chances of getting seriously hurt in a collision involving another car. Because of these serious injuries that you have been inflicted with, you will most likely want to sue the trucking company that employed the driver of the truck that hit your car. The injuries that have been inflicted on you could cause you to have to visit multiple doctors and make appointments, which can add up. Not to mention, it could mean that you will be out of work until you heal properly. That is one reason why you may need a truck accident lawyer to advocate for you. 

Trucking companies can have enough money to compensate you for your injuries, and they will also have a big budget to spend on legal representation so they don’t have you compensate you for the injuries that were caused. The insurance company involved with the trucking company is able to gather information from its driver and will take into consideration police reports and other evidence to come up with a sufficient compensation amount, which could be yours if they believe their insured driver is at fault. In this instance, they would send you an offer letter of the amount of compensation they believe is appropriate. 

If you sign the offer letter, you lose the right to file a lawsuit about the accident. Some people will accept the offer because they don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a lawyer or if the compensation seems like a lot. However, it will be extremely beneficial if you refrain from signing anything until you have a truck accident lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina take a look at the offer letter. Victims see the compensation and believe it’s enough, but that figure could be far from what you truly need. A truck accident lawyer has the experience to know if what they offer you is appropriate and enough based on your specific situation. Many times injuries can take time to manifest and you should not settle on a claim until you understand the extent of your injuries and the type of care and help you might need going into the future.

Your losses connected to the accident could go beyond paying all your medical bills. If you file a truck accident lawsuit you could be able to recover damages for the income you lost when you weren’t able to work after the accident. If you are still out of work by the time your case settles or goes to trial, you could be entitled to compensation for future loss of income. In the circumstance that the accident left you permanently disabled and unable to do your job, then you could be entitled to compensation to train you for a new career or to support your family without working. There are many reasons to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law to better understand what the next steps might be in your situation.

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Our team knows what it takes to hold offenders responsible for reckless acts that led to victim’s harm. We can get started right away with a consultation and help you decide whether seeking compensation is within your eligibility. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law now to reserve your appointment.