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Greensboro Theft Lawyer

A theft lawyer in Greensboro, NC from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law knows what it takes to protect their clients after being accused of a crime. If the prosecution is unable to bring forward evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual committed it, then the accused is let free. Every theft necessitates the defendant had intent to commit the crime. However, to increase the chances of a dropped charge or reduced sentence, hire a legal team with the know-how to handle these complicated cases.

After consulting with you about your arrest, we can let you know whether any of these theft defenses could work to your favor:

Claim of Right

A person who believes that he or she had the right to a property, despite that belief being incorrect or mistaken, may use this as a defense to their theft accusation. A Greensboro, NC theft lawyer will review your case and related evidence, and can discuss how to go about building a strong defense.


In order to constitute a theft, the property must have been carried or escorted away. If a good or property was never removed from its owner, never in total possession of the defendant, or never moved by the accused, then the situation does not constitute theft. By law, asportation requires that three elements are true, including:

  1. The good/property was taken from the owner’s possession
  2. The good/property was in complete possession of the accused thief
  3. The good/property was moved, even to slight degree

Theft by False Pretense

This defense strategy may be used if the defendant provided information that they did not realize was false, the defendant had believed in a misrepresented statement, or the defendant made a promise and had intended to follow it but ultimately didn’t do what was agreed to. 

Theft by Embezzlement

The defendant may have been granted permission to use or convert property for benefit, through bylaws or those who had the power to grant this permission. If this is true, then the accused should not be charged with embezzlement theft. 

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Our team can imagine the stress you and your family may be going through. An arrest can flip a person’s life upside down, causing a career, personal life, and future to suffer. Call a theft lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson, Attorneys at Law right away so we can get started building your defense case.