Partnership Dispute Attorney

Disputes among business owners have many parallels to marital disputes. You may benefit from “counseling” to smooth the waters, clarify roles and preserve the underlying relationship. You may need legal advocacy to untangle the legal and financial knots and go your separate ways.

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Or you may end up in court fighting for assets and accounts in a messy dissolution.

Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth offers sophisticated legal services for the complex and touchy issues in partnership and ownership disputes. We represent business owners, professionals and minority shareholders in dispute resolution, buyout negotiations and litigation. Based in Greensboro, our firm regularly handles cases and throughout North Carolina.

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Our trial lawyers have extensive experience with business disputes and dissolutions involving partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), professional associations, real estate investment groups and other business entities.

We know that any number of conflicts can trigger a falling-out: sharing of profits, duties and involvement, direction of the company, allegations of siphoning funds, or simply irreconcilable differences of egos, personalities, work habits and management styles. We deliver value by getting quickly to the core disputes and analyzing the dynamics of the situation. Can the partnership be salvaged? Are you being forced out? What leverage do you have? We can then proceed accordingly to position you for the best outcome through negotiation, arbitration or litigation proceedings.

Most commonly, these disputes are resolved through a buyout of one partner or shareholder, but in some cases, the best or only option is to dissolve the business entity. In either case, we are skilled and aggressive in securing our clients’ equity stake in the business assets and apportioning clients and liabilities.

Partnership disputes escalate quickly. Contact Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth at the first hint of trouble to safeguard your business and personal interests. That said, we can step in at any point, even on the verge of trial. Call our attorney in Greensboro NC today at (336) 379-0539 or contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our Greensboro partnership dispute attorneys. Our Greensboro attorney is ready to help you all of your partnership needs.

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