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May I Call a Greensboro Traffic Lawyer for Advice?

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May I call a Greensboro traffic lawyer for advice?  Please!

Many traffic attorneys are reluctant to answer questions for potential clients on the phone or in person.  They will not assist with even the most basic of advice unless you have retained them, i.e., paid them a fee.  While this is understandable, it is not helpful to the community at large.

Experienced Greensboro traffic attorneys know that if you are calling them, then there is already an issue that you are feeling overwhelmed with.  The DMV is not helpful, and the clerk’s office and District Attorney’s Office are not allowed to give legal advice.  A clerk may, in trying to help you, let you know that you have the power to just “pay off a ticket,” but they cannot explain to you why you should not do so!

Contact a Greensboro traffic lawyer who can guide you in the right direction, and who does not mind talking to you about your situation.  Every case and every client is unique, and when it comes to protecting an individual’s driving record, it is vitally important to handle things in a way that will not further restrict, suspend, or revoke a person’s ability to drive.

Simple research must be done at the courthouse.  Find a potential traffic lawyer who doesn’t mind looking up your cases for you.  In complex matters, you may be asked to obtain a driving record, in order to assure accuracy (this information is unfortunately not available to traffic lawyers on the internet yet).  An experienced Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer will assist you without charge in order to obtain the information.  After all, how can an ethical traffic attorney let you know what they can do to help, without first knowing what the problem is?

Contact the Greensboro traffic attorneys at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson today, they are here to help!