May a Greensboro Traffic Lawyer Explain Why a Case May Be Continued?

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May a Greensboro traffic lawyer explain why a case may be continued?  Of course!

Greensboro traffic attorneys may continue a case for many different reasons.

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Often the continuance is designed for scheduling reasons.  Often, a specific Judge or prosecutor is necessary for the best outcome of a case.  There may be Judges who sentence to harshly, or prosecutors who have bias toward certain types of crimes, that an attorney may wish to avoid.

Cases may be continued because the clients Greensboro traffic ticket attorney has been called to a trial or hearing on another courtroom.  Unfortunately, the court system has set up rules giving certain court rooms more power and influence over others, where an attorney must appear and handle the cases of that courtroom prior to others.

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Cases may be continued for strategic reasons as well.  In traffic law, experienced Greensboro Speeding ticket lawyers know that by handling cases in a certain order, you may be able to save a person’s license, save them insurance points, or even prevent jail time.

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You should remember to ask your attorney questions if you have concerns or are wondering why your case may take some time to complete.  Greensboro traffic attorneys are happy to explain their strategies and thought process, after all, that is what the are trained to do.

If you have been charged with a traffic ticket, contact the Greensboro traffic ticket attorneys at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539.  We are happy to help!