Can a Greensboro Traffic Attorney Explain Why the Court Can Take Away A Public Defender?

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Can a Greensboro traffic attorney explain why the Court can take away a public defender?  Yes they can!

Once an individual is appointed a public defender, or court appointed counsel, they depend on that attorney for representation, to keep them informed of their court dates, and to help negotiate or try their cases.   This is especially important, as experienced Greensboro traffic lawyers will tell you, because if you miss a court date then you may face both an order for your arrest as well as the revocation of your license because of a failure to appear.

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Under a new provision of the law, if you are arrested and in jail, the court can appoint you an attorney, not a private Greensboro traffic lawyer, but someone who represents indigent clients.  The problem is, that under this new law, you automatically lose the court appointed lawyer on any class 3 misdemeanors you have pending as soon as you bond out from jail.

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  For example, if you have a class 3 misdemeanor, you bond out, you expect the attorney to appear in court, and you will be forced to represent yourself, if you are lucky enough to even know when to show up for court in the first place.  The justice system does not give you any notice of this loss of counsel.

The even more dangerous situation, which is only one of the reasons it is recommended you hire a private, experienced Greensboro traffic attorney or Greensboro DWI lawyer, is when a person is charged with high level felonies and class 3 misdemeanors.  This often occurs in DWI felony cases.

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  A bondsman gets a person out of jail on a $100,000 bond, but the court appointed attorney only knows to appear for the felony cases, so an order for arrest is issued on the misdemeanors.  The result is an arrest, and the bondsman surrendering the bond, and the client out all of the money, many thousands of dollars, they have paid to the bondsman.

Avoid the stress by contacting a private Greensboro traffic ticket attorney or Greensboro DWI attorney who will keep up with all of your cases.  Contact Garrett Walker Aycoth an Olson today!