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Helicopter Crash per Greensboro Accident Lawyer

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Car accidents are bad enough, but a helicopter crash, that’s a whole another level of problems. A helicopter crashed before 2:15 PM according to witnesses. A car accident lawyer in Greensboro NC at our law firm advises that the pilot was able to land then helicopter without any personal injuries. A personal injury attorney in Greensboro considers that to be about as rare as having lightning strike the same place twice.

The pilot went to an open space where he could prevent injury to others and where he could try to land.

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As it was coming down our Greensboro attorney was advised that the helicopter hit a number of trees and is likely a total loss. But much better to have a total loss on the machine end than on the pilot end.

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Pretty amazing stuff, considering most helicopter crashes do not have any survivors.

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Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC will continue to keep you informed of any and all updates in the local Greensboro area.