Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many of us have gone through the heartache of watching our parents (and maybe even our spouses and children) require nursing home assistance due to failing health or chronic illness. New programs have made a point of exposing nursing home abuse and neglect because the patient population is one of the most vulnerable and least represented. When a family has to make a decision to place someone into a nursing home for care, the decision has become dramatically more difficult knowing that there is potential for abuse and neglect.

At GARRETT, WALKER, & AYCOTH, we believe that most nursing homes and care centers try to provide the best quality of care possible. However, there are problems related to running a nursing home. Shortcuts (such as poor staffing, inadequate training and supervision, or inferior maintenance of equipment) can increase the risk of injury to the residents of these homes.

The reality is that quality of life of some elder aged patients and many residents of nursing home, rehabilitation, and acute care facilities is substantially limited by the mental and physical issues associated with aging and the illnesses that accompanying aging.  Proper care for this segment of the U.S. population can be challenging, and as a society we have come to expect, compassionate, high quality, and dignified care for our aging loves ones. Even our sickest and most needy patients deserve to be treated and cared for with dignity and respect.

Who needs the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer?

Patients over a certain age may be unable to communicate properly with family and loved ones about the abuse, discomfort, or pain they might be experiencing or their overall well-being (be it physical or mental), whether due to neurological deficits, impaired mental status, medications or physiological problems. Instances of elder abuse or neglect often go undetected, at least initially. At times signs of neglect are obvious, such as weight loss, poor hygiene, or visible skin lesions. At other times, evidence of abuse or neglect may be difficult to detect such as pressure sores, fractures, head injuries, blunt trauma and other hidden wounds. Sadly, acute injuries causing bleeding and bruising can be difficult to detect.

While family members can’t always be there with ill or aging loved ones, we are often in the best position to understand if there is something wrong. We should be proactive and vigilant in overseeing the care provided to elderly patients at nursing home, rehabilitation, and other long-term care facilities.

At GARRETT, WALKER, & AYCOTH, we believe that the vulnerable adults in nursing homes need someone to stand up for their rights. There are applicable standards and regulations to ensure the safety of residents. If these standards are flagrantly ignored or violated, we can help.

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