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Dog Fight Leads to 8 Shootings per Law Attorney

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Shootings in metropolitan areas are a big problem. Our lawyers Greensboro NC, were advised that a witness says they were headed home when they got into a religious conversation with two people holding Bibles. A couple of minutes later, our Greensboro lawyer was told they shot rang out in a rapid succession.

People began running everywhere, according to a Greensboro attorney. It was complete chaos. Our attorneys in Greensboro NC have now been told that this shooting was all about a dog dispute.

An argument between two people led to one pulling a firearm. The man who didn’t have a gun left and came back with guns and a group of people. Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC were told that’s when the shooting started which led to 8 people suffering personal injuries.

Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC reports that seven people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening personal injuries. Witnesses and those injured have been traumatized from this terrible situation. Law enforcement is yet to provide an update as to whether they’ve made any arrests in this case. A family law attorney in Greensboro NC says that family members are hoping they arrest someone soon for closure on this situation.