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Vehicle Parade leads to Car Accident per Lawyer

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Car Accident Lawyer in Greensboro NC

A 20-year-old man is now facing multiple misdemeanor charges after throwing objects at a vehicle parade according to a car accident lawyer in Greensboro NC. Our Greensboro lawyer was advised that he initially threw items, then sped up and caused a 3 car accident at an intersection.

Based on multiple witness statements, most of which were from the parade, he ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle without yielding. That vehicle, according to a Greensboro attorney, overturned and injured two people inside. Our personal injury attorney in Greensboro NC was told that one person had a broken arm and the other had bruising.

After the car accident an argument ensued and police arrived to find pure chaos.

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Our lawyers in Greensboro were told that the man was pulled out of the car and then it got physical.

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Police arrived just in time to probably save the man from what was about to happen.

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Our lawyer Greensboro NC will continue to keep you updated on the status of this situation.