Greensboro’s Best Trial Lawyers Seek Best Outcome With Trials Or Pleas

In Greensboro's best trial lawyers seek best outcome with trials or pleas. by GWAO

Greensboro’s best trial lawyers seek best outcome with trials or pleas.  There are many reasons to plead guilty rather than face a trial.  A few things to consider, include;

  1. He is guilty and the State can easily prove it. He has nothing to gain by going to trial. He may also have a good judge to plead guilty in front of.
  1. He is guilty; he’s not certain the State can prove him guilty of everything, but the State has offered a decent plea agreement.
  1. He is guilty of some of the charges but not all of them or is not guilty of the one charge facing him, or is guilty of the charge but not certain he can win the case if he goes to trial AND the State has offered him a deal he feels he cannot refuse. This is where the “Alford” plea comes in. A defendant pleads guilty to the charge, does not admit he is in fact guilty of committing the crime but tells the court he is pleading guilty because he believes it is in his best interest to do so. This situation commonly happens where the underlying felony charge is not serious (a Class I or H) but the State has indicted the defendant as an habitual felon and offers a deal to the underlying felony in exchange for dropping the habitual. Or it happens where there are a series of felonies charged, all potentially carrying serious sentences and the DA offers to consolidate them into one sentence.

Allow Greensboro’s top trial attorneys to guide you through this process.  Whether DWIs, Felonies or Misdemeanors, the 10.0 AVVO top rated criminal attorneys are here to help!