Greensboro Personal Injuries Can Result at Parties-Liability!

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With the holiday party season approaching, parents intending to host a party for their high school senior should be mindful that under North Carolina law, they can be held responsible if they furnish alcohol or are aware of or give permission for people to drink at their party.

Essentially, this means that if you host a party where people are drinking and one of those people injures themselves or someone else, either at the party or after leaving the party, the person injured can file a lawsuit against you and can be compensated for the harm caused by the person. It does not matter how the person causes the injury. It could be in a car accident, a fight or any other manner. What matters is whether you furnished the alcohol or were aware of or gave permission for the alcohol to be served at your party and whether the person’s intoxication contributed to the third-party’s injuries. If so, under North Carolina law, you will be held accountable.

The law in North Carolina is also so strict when it comes to adults.

In the event that someone is injured at a party you host or if a person is involved in an accident after drinking alcohol at your home, you should immediately report the incident to your homeowner’s insurance company. It is likely that your homeowner’s policy will cover you, even if the accident takes place off premises.Have fun. And be safe.

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