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Governor Cooper to make Coronavirus School Announcement

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Governor Cooper is set to make an announcement this afternoon as to the school calendar for North Carolina according to a Greensboro attorney. The pandemic has left a lot of parents extremely anxious at the prospect of reopening and what it means for North Carolina families. On one hand parents need children back in school so they can return to work. On the other hand, parents are greatly concerned about the prospect of Covid-19, their children becoming infected which guarantees they too will have it.

School reopening creates an interesting dynamic in North Carolina according to a Greensboro personal injury attorney. If we think Covid cases are spiking now, imagine what it will be like when children return to school. Keeping masks on children and preventing them from interacting is practically an impossibility, and now according to a Greensboro divorce lawyer, parents are realizing they may need to stick together so one parent can watch the kids as the other works.

The expectation is the Governor will announce some sort of education of choice program. It would appear that the goal will be for parents to choose to send their children to school or complete online classes. Of major concern, is the interaction element of school and with children schooling from home they lose out on the opportunity for that type of development. Our Greensboro lawyers sincerely hope that they will create some sort of mechanism to further interaction for those children whose parents elect to receive their education from home. I guess we’ll see what Governor Cooper has in store as he makes his announcement today.