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Car Accident results in 5 People Being Injured

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Car Accident Attorney in Greensboro

Car accidents on major roadways can be scary, especially on the interstate due to the high rate of speed. At 3:49 AM a major car accident on I-74 just outside of Guilford County NC led to multiple people being injured per a car accident attorney in Greensboro.

Five people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening personal injuries per a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC. It took almost 3 hours for crews to clean up the wreckage from the terrible car accident. We’re just happy to report that no one lost their life as a result of this wreck.

Our top rated family law attorneys are looking into this situation to make sure family member have been contacted as a result of this accident. When it comes to find a Greensboro attorney, or something needing to be done at the Guilford County Courthouse, our law firm is here for you.