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SUV has Accident with Bicyclists During Protest

In Criminal, Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

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Bicyclists participating in a protest as part of a weekly Justice Ride, were involved in a protest they’ll never forget according to a Greensboro attorney. Two cyclists rode ahead to block traffic when an SUV came barreling down the road at them.

A car accident lawyer in Greensboro NC was told a 19 year old woman and a 37 year old man were both his in the accident. The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment per a personal injury attorney in Greensboro. The man refused medical attention.

No was has been charged as a result of this accident.

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Police are attempting to determine whether it was intentional or accidental.

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A criminal lawyer in Greensboro at our law firm has been advised that a witness said the driver was upset because he was held up in traffic. Also, a Greensboro personal injury attorney was told that the woman may have fractured her heal when she was hit by the SUV.

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More updates to come.