Fiduciary Duty Attorney in Greensboro

Relationships that fiduciaries have with their clients should be based upon trust and confidence. Responsible for taking care of money for a person or company, the advice they provide should provide benefits, not cause harm. However, when stockbrokers, financial advisors and other professionals put their own interests first, that bond of trust is broken. The attorneys at Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth take on complex, high-profile breach of fiduciary duty cases normally associated with their larger counterparts. Simply stated, they hold their own by employing hands-on experience, in-depth knowledge and compelling arguments in court.

Breach of fiduciary duty can take many forms, including agency, derivative and shareholder lawsuits. Compensatory damages attempt to turn back the clock for victims as if they suffered no economic harm. More serious matters can result in punitive damages to punish the fiduciary for their unethical and illegal conduct. At Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth we strive to find the best possible resolution for our clients. Victory can be measured in many ways. Many times, a “win” can be achieved by staying out of court.

We recognize the need for affordable rates and flexible fee arrangements out of respect for our clients’ budgets.

While our lawyers have prevailed through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, they will pursue litigation if the opposition forces the issue. When it makes sense to litigate, we move forward with speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality and attention to detail.

At Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth we treat North Carolina businesses of all sizes with the same attentive and diligent legal advocacy. Call a Greensboro attorney at our law firm today at (336) 379-0539 or contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our Greensboro business litigation attorneys. Our attorney in Greensboro is here to help!