Breach of Contract Attorney in Greensboro

Whether you sealed the deal with a handshake or 40 pages of legalese, business deals can unravel. If you are embroiled in either side of a contract dispute, there is a lot at stake and you want to be confident that your business and financial interests are protected.

Garrett, Walker, and Aycoth represents businesses of all sizes and industries in all stages of breach of contract litigation. Our Greenboro-based law firm has handled cases in Gulford County, and across North Carolina. Our experience and credentials, combined with our lower rates and flexible fees, make our services accessible to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need capable but affordable advocacy. We welcomes all cases, from a small and relatively straightforward contract dispute to complex breach of contract litigation involving millions of dollars or multiple parties. Our firm delivers value and, most importantly, strong representation to enforce your rights or mitigate your exposure.

Our early involvement often de-escalates commercial disputes, but we can come in at any point of litigation, even after the lawsuits and counterclaims fly. Every client matter, regardless of the size of the contract, receives our full attention and resources. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our Greensboro business litigation attorneys.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we will pursue all remedies: negotiations or alternative dispute resolution to secure payment or deliverables, specific performance or other injunctive relief, and representation in litigation, trial and appeals when out-of-court options are exhausted. Call our Greensboro attorney today at (336) 379-0539 or contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation with our attorney in Greensboro.