What Works and Doesn’t Work When Fighting a Ticket

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Once you have chosen to fight a recent traffic ticket, you must create a strategy that has a strong chance of being successful. As every case is different, the best strategy will be one that a lawyer who handles traffic ticket cases helps you with. Tickets can surely damper someone’s day, but they don’t have to ruin your finances or future. Here is further insight into what does and what doesn’t work when fighting a ticket:

Do Stay Relaxed and Respectful

Many people would probably agree to the opinion that being pulled over by a police officer is a scary experience. But it can be made even more overwhelming if you get angry or attempt to argue with the officer. Once you realize that the officer is issuing you a ticket, stay relaxed and respectful. 

Don’t Try to Explain Yourself

If you try to explain your way out of the ticket, it may frustrate the officer even more and make things uncomfortable. It’s not likely that an officer is going to be convinced otherwise when they have already begun the process of issuing you a ticket. You can explain yourself at a later time, such as during the hearing if you decide to contest the ticket in court.

Do Consider Driving School

Depending on the type of traffic offense, you may be permitted to take a driver’s course instead of paying the fine. This can help prevent your car insurance rates from rising, as the ticket may result in added points to your record. Speak with a traffic lawyer about whether you are eligible to take a driver’s course as a way to amend the offense.

It probably goes without saying that getting a ticket is not a fun experience in the slightest. However, as an experienced traffic ticket attorney, like one from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. would agree with, there are ways you can handle the citation to increase your chances of it being dropped or amended.