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Paddleboarders Rescued per Attorneys Greensboro NC

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Paddleboarding can be a lot of fun according got our attorneys Greensboro NC. However, our law firm doesn’t quite know if paddleboarding when it’s cold as it can be out is all that great of a time.

Five juveniles decided to go paddleboarding yesterday. Around 4 PM, a father of one of the children with him brought one of them in after they had gotten cold. After going to his car, our attorneys in Greensboro NC were advised that when he came back the other juveniles were gone.

The father began searching for them and after a couple of hours he decided to call law enforcement. Our Greensboro attorney was advised they were located after a man living on the lake received word of the missing juveniles on a police scanner. The man found three of the juveniles and a deputy found the other 2. All were located safely and were taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Our top rated attorneys in Greensboro NC were told that all of them are currently in stable condition. Rescue workers as well as the parents of the children were relived, because this could have been a horrible situation with the temperature dropping.

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