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Welfare Checks Finds 2 Dead per Greensboro Criminal Lawyer

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Local law enforcement was contacted about an issue at a nursing facility according to a top rated Greensboro criminal lawyer. Officers showed up at the scene around 8 PM, as the staff could not be reached by telephone and some of the residents advised that they hadn’t seen anyone working there in some time.

Upon an initial walk-through of the facility, they found that three staff members were caring for 98 residents of the nursing facility. Our criminal lawyers Greensboro were advised that during the check they found two people who had died and two who were in critical condition. Law enforcement then called local EMS for help so that each person living at the facility could be assessed.

Weather definitely contributed to the staffing issue, however, there are certain protocols that a nursing facility must follow in order to remain in business. Nursing home neglect is a very real thing, and it’s incredibly sad when you see something like this going on. The investigation is still to determine how long the people had been dead before they were located.

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Families have commented that since this incident, all of a sudden there’s far more employees working at the nursing facility. In the past three years this particular facility has been fined three times by the federal government. One of those fines was more than $100,000 in 2018.

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