Traffic Ticket Battle Leads Woman to Drive More Than 5,000 Miles

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Car Accident Lawyer

When it comes to the question of what someone would do to fight a traffic ticket, a Kentucky Woman drove more than 5,000 Miles between Kentucky and New Jersey in order to fight a $56 Traffic Ticket according to her car accident lawyer. She had been in New York for a September 11 Commemoration and as she was driving through New Jersey, she was pulled and given a Traffic Citation for an Obstructed View.

Her vehicle is covered with 9/11 Signs and other Political Slogans, she calls it the ‘Liberty Van,’ and she was charged with the Traffic Ticket because the officer said she did not have a clear view out.

She was initially convicted, but on Appeal, a Judge threw the case out. She had made the 800 Mile Trip between Kentucky and New Jersey four or five times in the past so many months…in the end, she was willing to do whatever it took to show that free speech is something not to be taken for granted per our law firm.