Woman pulled for Speeding Ticket also Cited for Google Glass

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Attorney in Greensboro

A woman was pulled for a routine Speeding Ticket and when the Trooper arrived at her window he saw that she was wearing Google Glass. Google Glass is a head mounted computer, which allows user to utilize voice commands to search Maps and various other things through the internet while still being able to view the world around you. The Trooper gave the woman a Speeding Ticket as well as a Traffic Citation for Driving with Google Glass per an attorney in Greensboro. The case ended up being thrown out due to the fact that the State could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Driver had the Google Glass ON while she was driving.

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Right now, it is iffy as to whether it’s illegal in most states to wear Google Glass while driving. Google has informed users that Driving with Google Glass On MAY result in a Traffic Citation.

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Three States have already banned Google Glass While Driving: Delaware, West Virginia and New Jersey according to our personal injury attorney.

If you or someone you know is stopped for a Speeding Ticket in Greensboro Asheboro, or High Point – Guilford County or Randolph County, North Carolina, contact our Lawyers. 336-379-0539.

If you receive a citation for wearing Google Glass in North Carolina it will most likely be a case of first-impression, and with our firm’s technical background will be situated in the best way possible to defend your case.

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