Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

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In many places, summer is high motorcycle riding time  But while driving a motorcycle always involves some risk of  a Greensboro Car Accident.  Hot weather can add some real risk to the road. If you will be out riding on a steamy day, here are some steps that you can take so you are able to protect yourself and be safe on the road.

Choose the Right Safety Clothing and Materials

As the weather gets hot, the idea of wearing safety clothing and materials might not sound very fun. But don’t be tempted to leave the gear in your garage. Safety is a very important item to thing about all year long, but remember that some types of clothes are best for cool and even cold weather. If you ride much during the summer, you’ll really want to buy some gear made for heated weather. There are helmets, jackets, gloves, and other motorcycle riding clothing that includes ventilated items to keep you nice and chill and most importantly, comfortable. Stick to white colored items since they will help reflect the heat, and not soak it up, the way black gear will. Cooler vests are great possibility to think about.

Long sleeves and long pants in hot weather might seem crazy, but they can actually help you be colder on hot days since they keep sweat from being on and disappearing from your skin, helping you keep water in you. Cover as much of your bare flesh, and it will also help you from getting sunburn and it willprotect you in case you have a Greensboro motorcycle crash.

Stay Hydrated & Chill

If you  will be out riding your bike, the last thing you want is to have is heat exhaustion or heat stroke, so remaining cool is super important. In addition to selecting the right type of safety stiff, another way you can remain cool is by soaking a bandana in a wet substance and tying it at your neck. If you’re going on a longer trip, make sure to take time to cool off and drink lots of water.

Make Yourself Seen

Not only does wearing white colored gear help beat the heat, it has the benefit of making it easier for other passengers and drivers on the road to see you. Motorcycles are not as visible as regular passenger cars and trucks, so wearing bright colors and items with reflectors will help you stand out. This is really important if you will be out riding in the early morning or at sunset.

Look at the Fore cast

Just because it isn’t cold and snow anymore, don’t forget that summer still has a risk of bad weather. Always check the fore cast before leaving to ensure you don’t hit any storms. If you’re planning a long trip on your bike, it’s very important that you pay attention to the weather, but even if you’re staying close to where you live, it’s still worth looking at it. Rain can make roads crazy slippy by forming puddles or getting up dirt and oil stains on the road, so it’s best to not ride your bike in the rain if it’s possible. Bad winds can make it difficult to keep control on your motorcycle. If it’s been a number of days since it rained, try to stop and wait an hour or so before leaving to give any oil on the highway a chance to wash to the side.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Driving any kind of motor vehicle, whether it’s a car, a bicycle, or a motorbike, when you’ve had too much alcohol is never a good idea. But because so many people have parties during the summer, it’s easily very common for crashes involving alcohol to rise during summer.

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