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Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney Explain What Expunctions Are and How They Are Helpful?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense attorney explain what expunctions are and how they are helpful? Yes! An expunction is a procedure that allows the record of criminal process, charge, or conviction to be erased from public and most private records. These are extremely helpful, given the stigma of criminal charges and ability for employers to perform internet record checks. Potential expunctions must be thought about and evaluated from the very start of the legal process. If you are interested in an expunction, you should contact a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer today to discuss if an expunction could apply to you and your case.

If you satisfy the statutory requirements, a court will grant the expunction. Of course, eligibility for an expunction is very specific and generally limited. It’s great if you are eligible for an expunction, though, because it requires that the case records be erased. When an expunction is ordered, the clerk will destroy all records of the offense, including the case file and petition and order of expunction. Most of the expunction statutes only allow for one expunction, but sometimes a requirement may be specific only to that particular expunction statute. So, you may be able to use a different expunction statute to expunge multiple offenses.

The three specific classifications for expunctions are: (1) age-based; (2) dismissals and related expunctions; and (3) drug-related offenses. Age-based expunctions can be very complex, but the most common one used allows for misdemeanor convictions to be expunged if the offense happened before the defendant’s 18th birthday. Speak with an attorney for exceptions, more information about other age-based expunctions, and the requirements for each one. Dismissals and related expunctions are the most commonly used expunctions. These allow for records the be erased when the charges were dismissed, or the defendant was found not guilty. If you think one of these may apply to you, do not hesitate to contact a Guilford County defense attorney for more information.

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