Qualities To Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

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When facing criminal charges, having an attorney plead your case is not required. You have the right to represent yourself. That said, it’s a better decision to hire one before facing a judge. Picking the right representative to put up a defense is vital to winning. As a drunk driving lawyer in New Jersey from a firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, here are some qualities worth looking for in a criminal justice lawyer.


Attorneys fresh out of law school may be less expensive than those that have more experience. They’re also more likely to make mistakes. Pick someone who has familiarity with criminal defense, as well as your specific type of case. In other words, don’t hire a sexual battery lawyer if you’re facing charges of drunk driving.

A lawyer familiar with the district in which you must appear knows the judges and district attorneys who will decide your fate. This can be a huge advantage when it comes to formulating a courtroom strategy.


Look for a lawyer with a history of winning cases and providing excellent service. Read prospective attorneys’ websites and scrutinize the endorsements they display. Go deeper by Googling firms you’re thinking about working with and analyzing what appears. There may be news items putting attorneys in a different light that surprise you. Surf review sites for additional opinions, and discuss what you’ve learned with friends and family. 


Call every candidate on your list of potential legal representatives and ask them to get back in touch with you. Note the speed with which they handle your request. Those that do not respond promptly may not be the right fit. Of those that do, pick one that can clearly and directly explain your situation. Ask questions and pay close attention to the quality of their answers.


When discussing your case, you want to feel relaxed. You’re likely to get a feel for an attorney’s working style right away. Pick one with whom you feel an interpersonal connection. Since you’re going to be a team, having a good relationship makes all the difference. You also need a legal representative that will not rush you away. Evaluate attorneys by how generous they are with their time. Finally, your lawyer should not make any promises. Although you want someone with confidence, you also need a legal eagle that has realistic expectations. Avoid hiring an individual that guarantees you will be found not guilty.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between freedom and conviction. Seriously approach the task of selecting one, and you’ll have better odds of a favorable outcome.