Why Did My Personal Injury Claim Get Denied?

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury LawyerIf someone else has caused an accident that led to your injury, you may be able to recover compensation so that you do not have to bear the financial burden. Recovering after an accident is challenging and emotionally draining enough, so if you have your expenses taken care of it can help you focus on your physical and mental health. Getting your claim approved can be complicated however, as a personal injury lawyer like one from Barry P. Goldberg knows. Here are some common reasons why your claim may have gotten denied.

Your Injuries Are Not Eligible

Not every type of personal injury is eligible for compensation. If you have injured yourself while you were committing a crime or intentionally injured yourself, you will not be eligible to file a claim. If an insurance company is trying to argue that your injuries are not covered, but believe that they are, seek the advice of a lawyer and they will suggest next steps that you can take. 

You Did Not Show Causation

When you are filing a personal injury claim, you need to provide sufficient and clear evidence that explains what caused your injury. Including documents like police reports and medical records which explain the nature of your injuries can paint a better picture of how the accident occurred.

The At-Fault Party or Injury is Not Covered Under the Policy

Depending on the conditions stated in an insurance policy, some personal injury claims may get denied on the basis that the at-fault party or injury is not covered. Sometimes these exclusions are not explicitly mentioned, so take a careful look at the language in your policy to see what it covers. 

These are just a few of the reasons why a claim may be denied. There are many issues that you may run into, and you will want to have the support that you need to resolve them and strengthen your chances of recovering compensation that you are entitled to. If you need assistance filling out your personal injury claim, do not wait to contact a lawyer like one from Barry P. Goldberg. They will take the time to help you and give you the legal counsel that you need. Request a consultation now to receive personalized legal support.