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Car Hit by Train Disappears per Lawyer Greensboro NC

In Traffic by Greensboro Attorney

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Trains are a necessary part of our infrastructure for getting things from one place to another and also people. Our lawyer Greensboro NC, was advised that late last night, around 9 PM, a train was rolling through North Carolina. The conductor saw a car on the tracks and tried to slow the train.

The conductor started honking with the hope that the car would move. Our Greensboro lawyer was told that despite all of the efforts the car was still hit and train kept on going. Our lawyers in Greensboro, NC were told that the car was knocked into the Yadkin River.

Detectives do not know if someone was in the car at the time of the collision. Search crews looked all day and night and are still yet to locate the vehicle according to top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC. Due to the weather this has caused the search to become more difficult and they are set to startup again this morning.

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