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Man Charged with Numerous Felony Charges

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A man was recently charged with felony breaking and entering, assault, kidnapping and rape. On September 24, police were dispatched to a reported rape per a Greensboro attorney. Police were told that a young woman was walking into her apartment when a man approached her from behind and forced his way in.

The man then allegedly strangled the woman and forced her to perform a number of sex acts on him.

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At some point during the sexual assault / sexual battery, the woman was able to flee her apartment and call 911 per an attorney in Greensboro. Police say the suspect was seen leaving the apartment by various witnesses.

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She was taken to the hospital where she was shown to have suffered personal injuries per a personal injury attorney in Greensboro NC.

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Another woman was entering her apartment according to our lawyers in Greensboro NC. As she was entering a man approached her and forced his way into her apartment as well. She managed to fight the man off. But he again got away.

Our family law attorney in Greensboro encourages everyone to be safe, focus on your surroundings, and be careful.