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Attorney in Greensboro gives update on Recent Proposal

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Attorney in Greensboro

A police department just outside of Greensboro, North Carolina has proposed that they will withdraw $1 Million from the police department and shift that money toward poverty programs according to our attorney in Greensboro.

As the country is in the process of shifting the way we fund law enforcement, and the policies that effect how they operate, it appears that the effects are being felt in Greensboro, NC and beyond. The Greensboro Attorney at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, understands just how important the issues of law enforcement are to these communities. The question is becoming is law enforcement a better option than social servicing people’s needs. Have police departments grown too big, or do law enforcement agencies feel that they have the ability to whatever they so please? These are questions our Greensboro lawyer deals with now on a regular basis.

We will see what comes of all of this. As new policies continue to be handed down it will be interested to see the shifts over the next so many months heading into election season. One point of concern, is that when police departments become caught in a political avalanche of sorts, is it fair to defund them so that way it can look like you’ve done something for an upcoming election? We need nationwide statistics, we need to come together and create policies that will last and not just fire something off the cuff without the necessary pieces in place to be effective. Our law firm will continue to help our community with whatever we can.