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Mall Fight at Four Seasons Town Center

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The Greensboro Mall, or Four Seasons Town Center, used to be a place to shop and have a great time as a family. It seems it’s become a bit of a Royal Rumble as of late. Our Greensboro attorney was advised that on Friday, multiple fights broke out at the mall after an argument happened around the food court.

Two people started throwing punches and then five security guards did everything they could to break it up. But then more fights broke out, one witness commented that they believed around 30 people were fighting in the mall. Our top rated lawyer was advised that there were multiple videos of the incident. Also, police responded with a number of officers to assist the security guards. This all happened at 2:30 PM.

One of the concerns locally is the Four Seasons Town Center is also a vaccination site for Guilford County, NC. If people do not feel safe they may not want to go to that location. County Commissioners are doing everything they can to assure the public but the proof appears to be in the pudding. Our lawyers in Greensboro will continue to keep you updated.