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Suspect Opens Fire During High Speed Chase

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Greensboro Attorney

High speed chases are something the movies have definitely glamorized. A real life high speed chase on the other hand may be something altogether different. Our Greensboro attorney was advised that local law enforcement clocked a truck at 96 MPH and initiated their blue lights.

Their initial blue lights caused the driver to accelerate rather than slow down which led to a high speed chase. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that the chase was in excess of 100 MPH. As the chase neared Guilford County, the driver of the truck opened fire at law enforcement.

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The chase continued because they believed the community was endangered as a result of this situation. The driver stopped his car on O’Henry Blvd and took off running. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the driver got away and he was the only person in the truck.

Law enforcement believe they know who the person is who was driving the vehicle.

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The man may be facing charges of Felony Flee to Elude along with Assault with a Deadly Weapon on Law Enforcement.

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Our Greensboro lawyer will continue to keep you updated on the latest status of this felony flee to elude case.