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Interstate Shooting leads to Death per Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Just before midnight last night, shots rang out on the interstate according to criminal defense lawyers near me. The shots involved two vehicles and with the shooting going back and forth one of the vehicles eventually pulled onto the shoulder.

While on the shoulder, the other vehicle pulled over as well. An unknown person then proceeded to open fire and the driver and passenger in the car that was being shot into took off running. Our criminal lawyer Greensboro, NC was told that the two people got away.

Law enforcement was called to the scene and found a deceased person in the backseat of the car that was being shot into. Our criminal lawyers were advised that this led to the situation shifting from an assault with a deadly weapon investigation to a murder investigation. The shooter fled in an unknown vehicle but was later arrested according to the police.

Information that was provided that later led to his arrest is yet to be revealed. Our lawyers in Greensboro NC believe this information came from the uninjured passengers that fled.

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