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Crimedoor App lets People Look at True Crime files per Attorney

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With all of the technology coming out on a daily basis, it really is hard to keep up with all of the latest trends. A new app which was just release is giving the public access to criminal case files according to attorneys Greensboro North Carolina.

The Crimedoor app allows users to review information about missing person cases and unsolved criminal cases. Our murder attorneys in Greensboro NC see this as a unique way to further investigations that have become cold cases. Cold cases are those cases that have hit a dead-end with the investigation. Our criminal attorneys in Greensboro North Carolina believe this type of technology may allow cases that have been cold for a very long time to have fresh breath.

Amateur investigators will sift through old information with the hope of being able to help investigators to solve the crime. The way the Crimedoor app operates is researchers upload information, images, videos etc to the app. People from all over the world can then sift through the information with the hope of being able to solve the crime. Our criminal attorneys in Greensboro believe this could actually solve some cases.

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Often when dealing with cases from a criminal defense perspective, depending on the length of the investigation, it’s amazing just how much time is devoted to these major criminal cases. And it’s not like there’s one criminal case and all of crime stops…no, new crimes are committed daily. In Greensboro we’ve been averaging almost a murder a week. That number doesn’t include the number of shootings being investigated, but when you put that number into consideration, investigators only have so much time to look at one murder case before another happens.

Our attorneys Greensboro NC believe the sheer volume of homicides and shootings in our city makes it an impossible situation to keep up with. At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, our law firm is devoted to helping people with criminal charges. If you or someone you know has a pending criminal case, our entire legal services team is here to assist you.

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