Cases involving Assault on a Female charges.

How to Get an Assault on a Female Charge Dismissed in NC

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Assault on a female is a serious offense under North Carolina law. Specifically, an assault by a male on a female is a more serious charge than a regular assault or battery charge. You could potentially face steep fines or spend time in jail! So, what do you do if you are innocent and falsely charged with assault on a female? This guide offers legal guidance on the proper steps to overcome this legal hurdle and proclaim your innocence.

Overview of Assault on a Female Law in North Carolina

The North Carolina General Statute on the crime of assault on a female details the legal consequences one will face when charged with an assault on a female. The North Carolina law states that anyone who commits the assault is guilty of a class A1 misdemeanor charge, especially if the attacker is a male and the victim is female. This classification means anyone determined guilty of the assault could face steep penalties. This case is common with domestic violence crimes, but a male attacker could still face charges even if they have no relationship with the female victim.

Assault is defined by North Carolina law as any act that attempts to cause or result in bodily injury through force or inflicting violence. Even when it’s just a threat, if the court determines that the attacker can act on that threat, they could still face charges. Therefore, even if the male attacker has not acted on the threat, they could still be facing legal consequences for making threats.

Many vague terminologies surround this type of case, which is why anyone charged with this crime should speak to an assault on a female lawyer in North Carolina. They have the knowledge and skills on assault cases to offer legal advice on the best course of action. 

Assault on a female is a class A1 misdemeanor.

How to Get an Assault on a Female Charge Dismissed?

There are two sides to every story. When you hear about a female filing an assault case against a male, the natural instinct is to sympathize with the victim. However, the law always presumes everyone’s innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. 

If you’re in this same dilemma, knowing the legal steps to protect your rights is essential – and prove your innocence. 

If you are innocent, you must first consult with an assault on a female attorney in NC. Their experience handling similar cases will help you collect evidence to support your case if the victim chooses to pursue it and you go to trial. 

If you don’t know the victim, it could be possible that you were misidentified for the crime. With the help of an attorney, you can create an alibi that puts you in a different location during the time of the assault. The legal expertise of a criminal defense attorney will enable you to pinpoint possible evidence that would support your case, which you wouldn’t have identified on your own. It is also essential to get as many eyewitnesses to support your alibi to give it more weight in court when you go to trial. The stronger your evidence is, the higher the likelihood of your assault on a female charge dismissed in NC.

If you know the victim but are sure of your innocence, you need to prove it was a false accusation. Since North Carolina law is very strict about assault on female cases, you must build a strong defense strategy to show that you’ve been falsely accused. It would help if you had a skilled lawyer that is able to build a solid defense using concrete evidence for your case. There have been cases in the past wherein relationships have gone wrong, and the female wants to inflict revenge on their former partner by falsely accusing them of assault. Make sure you’re not a victim of such antics, and hire a competent legal team to navigate your way out of this situation.

Punishment for assault on a female.

Why Work with an Assault on a Female Attorney in NC?

Since the assault on a female is a class A1 misdemeanor based on North Carolina law, you could face significant penalties once convicted. The extent of these penalties varies according to the severity of the crime, which could be jail time, fines, and community punishment. 

However, working with an assault on a female attorney in NC could help you avoid these penalties. As long as you are innocent and have enough evidence to support it, you pass on the burden to the prosecutor to prove there was a crime of assault on a female. The prosecuting team must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but the case could work in your favour if there is a lack of evidence. 

Ensure you call on an attorney if you face criminal charges, such as an assault on a female.