Greensboro Trial Lawyer Discusses Habitual Felon Laws and Habitual DWIs

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Greensboro trial lawyer Chad Garrett discusses Habitual Felon Laws and Habitual DWIs daily.  Below is his chart used to teach other lawyers, prosecutors and judges about the law.



Habitual Felon

  • 3 prior felony convictions
  • Sentenced at 4 classes higher than the underlying felony

BUT no higher than a class C felony punishment level


Habitual Misdemeanor Assault

  • 2 or more prior felony or misdemeanor assaults within 15 years


commits an assault with physical injury under N.C.G.S. 14-33


an assault under N.C.G.S. 14-34

  • Class H felony punishment.


Violent Habitual Felon

  • 2 prior Class A-E felony convictions
  • Life without parole


Habitual Breaking and Entering

  • 1 prior Breaking and Entering conviction
  • Sentenced as a Class E felony


Armed Habitual Felon

  • One prior firearm related felony
  • Sentenced as a Class C felony, mandatory 120 month minimum active sentence