Greensboro Trial Lawyer Discusses Bond Part Two

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Greensboro trial lawyer Chad Garrett spends much of his day discussing bonds and pre-trial release with his clients and their family members.  To clarify the different bonds a Greensboro criminal charge may carry, here is part one of a legal chart to assist you.

Domestic Violence

  • Pre-trial Release May Only Be Set by a Judge Within the First 48 Hours
  • After 48 Hours, a Magistrate Judge Must Set Conditions


Child Victim Offenses

  • Additional Restrictions May Be Imposed


Firearm Offenses

  • Rebuttable Presumption Against Release, Felony or A1 Misdemeanor, if
  • On Pre-Trial Release for Firearm Offense
  • Previously Convicted of Firearm Offense within Previous Five Years
  • Only a Judge May Set Conditions of Release
  • Authorized to Set “No Bond”


Failure to Appear

  • Minimum Same Conditions as Previously Recommended in Any Other OFA
  • If No Previous Conditions Set, Bond Should Be Doubled, or Set at $1000 Minimum


New Charges While Out on Pre-Trial Release

  • Secured Bond at Least Double the Amount of the Most Recent Previous Secured or Unsecured Bond
  • If No Previous Bond, $1000 Minimum