Greensboro Adult Criminal Court

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Greensboro criminal law attorney Chad Garrett is often asked about the difference between adult court and juvenile court.  In North Carolina, adult court is for those 16 years of age and above.  Here are the differences in language used:



Adult Court Terminology                          Juvenile Court Terminology

Defendant                                                      Juvenile or Respondent

Crime                                                                            Delinquent Act

Arrest                                  Take into Custody or Temporary Custody

Order for Arrest                                               Secure Custody Order

Warrant / Indictment                                                                Petition

Trial                                                                   Adjudicatory Hearing

To Convict                                                       Adjudicate Delinquent

Conviction                                                                        Adjudication

Guilty Plea                                                                                    Admission

Not Guilty Plea                                                                           Denial

Plea Transcript                                              Transcript of Admission

Prior Conviction                                                       Prior Adjudication

Prior Record Level                                     Delinquency History Level

Sentencing Hearing                                           Dispositional Hearing

Pre-Sentencing Hearing                                   Predisposition Report

Sentence                                                                            Disposition

Sentencing Grid                                                     Dispositional Chart

Probation Officer                                                   Juvenile Court Counselor

Extradition                    Proceeding / Interstate Compact on Juveniles

Motion for Appropriate Relief                                          Motion for Review

Jail                                                                           Detention Facility

Prison                                                      Youth Development Center